thank you

I hope you know, despite my continuance of shameful and avoiding behavior, that your words of wisdom are ALWAYS appreciated. I’ve never known therapy could be so beneficial, nor that a “shrink” could make so much sense. Haha! I’m so lucky that you’re in the profession; you’ve changed my view on it forever… Getting teary eyed and panicked just thinking about our last session which seems imminent… Usually, I abandon therapy feeling devastated/despaired that it didn’t help, or furious at how worthless the self-absorbed individual is… I hope you know that our last session will be a first of the sort… I’ll leave against my will, and will miss our sessions dearly, while wondering how I’m supposed to live without them. I look forward to seeing you EVERY week, even though it means two and a half hours of road raging. You’ve been a life changing influence and I can NEVER thank you enough. ALL of this at a time when I’ve never been so crazy, or in such desperate need of help… You’re a gift from God, or at least, some higher power… This past year has been one of discovery into why I am how I am. And more importantly, what I need to do to be an happier/healthier individual… My notes will be my bible, when I no longer get to see you. I wish I audio recorded the sessions so not to miss a word. I wish you wrote books!! I’d actually read them. You’re phenomenal at explaining the functions of the mind, and your recommendations are like gold; perhaps the key to life… ┬áTM


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