Group Therapy Testamonial

Thank you for even offering both hands at a time of much emotional pain. Thank you for not allowing me to leave therapy when I was embarrassed, feeling ashamed for having revealed too much of myself.

Thank you for allowing yourself to be vulnerable: I cannot ever forget the expression on your face, the look in your eyes, when you asked me to turn back around and look at you.  You were “standing with me” in all the shame and pain I was feeling after having disclosed something from my past.

These are but a few more of my take-aways from you:

  • Observe my feelings without judgement. I think that is the same as “sitting in it”….no action, no criticism…just pay attention…what’s at the source of those feelings &  The only way out of the Drama Triangle is through the role of Perpetrator.
  • Nathanson’s Compass of Shame helps me to understand myself and others
  • “Feeling Statements” & Mindfulness, Wise Mind
  •  Being willing or able to hold someone else’s mind in yours. & Therapeutic Alliance
  • Attunemen & “Know why you think, feel, and act the way you do.”
  • You have to know who you are, and say what you want & Trust your higher self
  •  Affect Regulation &“Put Your Big Girl Panties On.”
  •  The Bubble Shield & The secret meadow with hummingbirds



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